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Patient Information | FAQ

Can I use my provincial medical services plan card?

Yes, for most of our clinic services. Some services are not covered, so please feel free to ask our receptionist when you’re registering.

If this is your first visit to Careville Clinic and you wish the visit to be covered, we’ll require your MSP Care Card or other out of province card.

If you don’t have a medical card we also accept Visa, Mastercard, debit cards and cash.


What if I’m not a resident of British Columbia?

We welcome valid Canadian Care Cards like OHIP and others (along with a piece of picture ID for verification). Please note that Pap tests and certain other preventive care services are not covered if you have out of province coverage.

Private fees apply for international visitors. The current standard office visit fee is $150 (as of May 2017; this is subject to change without notice). A receipt is provided for reimbursement on travel insurance.


Do you have medical physicians on at all times?

Yes – physicians are on at all times that the clinic is open.


What services are not covered by MSP?

Services not covered under MSP include:

  • Travel advice and medicine

  • Most forms – school/camp forms, driver’s physicals, work physicals, sick notes, attending physician’s statements.

  • Complete physical exams

  • Services not deemed medically required such as cosmetic surgery

For more information, please visit MSP's website for services not covered:


How can I get my lab results?

You can access your lab results via Please do not call for your test results. For confidentiality reasons, we cannot release the information over the phone. When you are sent for a test, ask your doctor if you need to come back to review results. Typically, you are expected to return if your symptoms remain. Doctors usually call patients with significant results that need follow-up. If in doubt, please just come back to the office to discuss things in person.


Can I fill my regular prescriptions at the Pharmacy?

Yes, we have a full-service prescription pharmacy, registered with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. In addition, we offer specialty compounding of both prescription and non-prescription medication.


Does the Pharmacy accept insurance cards?

Absolutely. We do accept all insurance cards. We also accept IMED coverage for UBC international students.


Does the Pharmacy deliver medications and supplements?

We sure do. We are able to deliver medications all over the lower mainland. This service is free regardless of the number of prescriptions being delivered.



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